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Уважаемые читатели, мы рады приветствовать вас на сайте журнала Be Healthy magazine  – “Будь Здоров!”


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We are an innovative and dynamically growing company. Trion Medical Supplies is proud to present Health care services through advanced technologies and equipment designed for Holistic Medicine.

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Mariya Blyznyuk was born in the city of Fergana, Uzbekistan. At the age of 10, she had moved with her parents to Ukraine, where she actively started drawing and painting, visiting Art Studios and had graduated from the School of Arts in the city of Kremenchug, Ukraine.

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О Театре Давайте Знакомиться! Если Кто-То Еще Меня Не Знает.

Я – Режиссер Театра “Колесо” – Александра Вельма.

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GREEN LION ARTS STUDIO, Newmarket, ON for Children was born both out of a need to find a wonderful place for my artistic daughter to explore creativity, and a desire to share my passion for creativity. That was 3 years ago. Now look at how we’ve grown and some of the fabulous things we do…


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More details – www.arcaf.ca/artsputnik/

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The experience of your life…

Culterra Magica art holiday in Northern Tuscany…

a perfect escape from your busy life to a quiet and rural estate…

iEcarus – Innovative Educational Center of Art and Science

Центр iEcarus осуществляет информационно – консультационные услуги, направленные на улучшение качества образования с учетом новейших научных, когнитивных и технологических разработок в области личностного роста. Мы предлагаем пути гармоничного воспитания и развития ребенка, повышения его физического, творческого и интеллектуального потенциала, а также помогаем при выборе подходящей и востребованной на рынке профессии.



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ARCAF, the Association of Russian Craft, Art and Fashion, is a non-profit organization guided by its mandate to foster the creation and production of unique works of art and design by members of the Russian community in the Greater Toronto Area with the purpose of enriching the artistic, social and economic scene in Ontario.


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